Thursday, 6 January 2011

Snowy Blackbirds

I have ended up with several hundred images of Blackbirds in the snow.  This wasn't my plan, I had hoped for Fieldfare and Redwing shots but thanks to a couple of aggressive female Blackbirds they didn't get a look in, they and other Blackbirds were chased away every time they attempted to land. Even after spreading the apples over a larger area there was one bird that spent  more time and effort guarding them than it did feeding, at times it was the only bird on the ground, with at least 15 other Blackbirds wanting to feed.
I think it must have been to the Mistle Thrush school of fruit guarding!


Cristina said...

Le tue foto sono meravigliose e un piacere guardarle! Questi uccelli sembrano in posa e guardano dentro l'obiettivo. Molto belli i dettagli delle piume ben definite. Complimenti. Ciao Cristina

Ritchie Michael said...

Hello all,

Lovely set of photos, however I am particularly envious of your Orchard shots, as an amateur wildlife photographer, browsing your photographs gives me something to aspire to. Thanks alot...
Wildlife Photography

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