Friday, 25 March 2011

Common Toads

Earlier this week I was in North Wales photographing birds. Nearby a small lake was obviously a breeding ground for a good number of Common Toads, there were many making their way over the grass towards the lake, which was already swimming with them. I always try to make the most of  any photo opportunities because you never know when you will get the chance again. This was one of those occasions, so several hours later I had a bad back from lying on the ground and some quite nice shots.


Robin said...

Steve, found you blog from a link from Picturit.
My what a wonderful blog! Your images are exceptional and I will be a regular visitor.

texwisgirl said...

I came over after Robin sent me an email to tell you about your blog. OH MY!!! Your images are stunning! Absolutely fantastic! I am your newest follower (thanks to Robin!)

Elaine said...

I too came over from Picturit and am very glad I did. Your photos are exquisite. This series on the toads is remarkable! I will be back again!

Matt Latham said...

superb set Steve - these were going to be my subject this weekend but yet again the weather disappoints!

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