Saturday, 23 July 2011

Close Ups with a Warning

It's that time of year when my attention turns do doing some macro photography. As I have said before I only dabble but this year I think I'll put a bit more effort in. I spent a few hours in the garden yesterday hoping to get some wasp shots, I managed a few but the star of the show was a Flesh Fly, hence the WARNING of some very detailed close-up fly images at the end of this post.

Bumble Bee
Flesh Fly


texwisgirl said...

spectacular! they're all beautiful too!

JRandSue said...

Well done steve these are excellent Macro images,with the highest standards.

Nita said...

Good weekend.

Robin said...

Steve, great macros! I always find it so amazing to see common things close up.

Steve Round. said...

Thanks. I agree Robin, insects are incredible things when you see the detail of their make up. You can see where the ideas for special effects in films come from.

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