Sunday, 21 August 2011

My Favourite Images (4)

Part four of the series of some of my favourite images.

These next two images were taken in my woodland garden where there is a small river. I know that to have Kingfishers in your garden might seem perfect but it is not as ideal as it sounds. They are very occasional as they breed much further upstream, I have spent many days sitting in my hide without any results and I haven't seen or heard any this year at all. I am always listening out for them though and will be straight down to the hide when they return.
kingfisher, bird
kingfisher, bird
I was very fortunate with this lovely male bird. It allowed me to get very close for some nice shots.
kestrel, bird
The perfect lighting on this close up was enhanced by the reflection of the water in a bird bath which it was perched on the edge of.
Jay, bird
A difficult subject to get good flying shots of due to their flight being very erratic. This is probably my best effort as it was large in the frame giving good detail.
lapwing, bird


TexWisGirl said...


Sam Stewart said...

One thing you could try is to create the perfect environment for them to nest in your garden.
When the chicks fledge then they need somewhere to live. If you were to create an earthbank on the river side you are likely to have them nesting within a few years, just a thought

Robin said...

Steven, your images are breathtaking!
Thanks for sharing!

Janice K said...

Wow! I can see why they are favorites...I am in awe of your photography and of God's creation.

Springman said...

Gosh Steven, all the usual adjectives; sublime, awesome, superb, phenomenal,incredible, stunning, seem a little inadequate to describe the perfection of your best work. Congratulations on these inspiring images!
Please consider submitting to World Bird Wednesday, it would be an honor to have you represented there!

Jeremy said...

Some stunning shots with great detail there, Steve.

Antonio Puigg said...

Great capture Steve.

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