Monday, 1 March 2010

Snow Buntings

After another wasted few hours looking for the elusive Shorelark, I decided to move around the coast to the more reliable Snow Buntings. They were moving up and down the beach as usual, but then all flew up onto the grass seed heads to feed. It made a refreshing change photographing them perched up off the ground with an idyllic back drop.


Pescalune said...

Your pictures are awesome !! I really love your work - thank you very much for sharing.

Hugh Harrop said...

Stunning images Steve!

Hugh Harrop

Rich Steel said...

Great set Steve. More than compensation for the absent shorelark.

Chris Galvin said...

Very nice Steve.

Chris Galvin

Austin Thomas said...

Hi Steve,

Great to see you have a BLOG up and running. A great series of images as expected.

See you soon.



Steve Round said...

Thanks very much for the comments, cheers.

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