Friday 24 April 2020

Garden Foxes

Just over a year ago a very tame dog Fox started appearing around our garden. He was obviously very used to humans, as he would just sit or lie around the garden, not bothered by us at all.

My wife named him Basil and since then he has become part of the family. During last April it was obvious he was feeding a family of cubs, as he would take any food we gave him off into the woods. We hoped to see his cubs, but it was much later in June and July that we saw some almost fully grown, shy cubs.

This year in March he would take the food off again into the woodland and we soon realised that the den was very close to the house, much closer than we had thought. When April came we could hear what were obviously cubs making little squeaks and yelps. We eventually got a glimpse of three very small cubs playing with Basil in the undergrowth. A week later and they appeared on the lawn and the story goes on. I will do a series of blog posts as the cubs grow and mature. This one is just about Basil though.


It's hard work feeding those cubs and he gets very tired. Trying to find a bit of peace and quiet for a quick snooze.

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