Monday, 14 June 2010


The Redstart is one of those species I find that I have to photograph every year, even though I have many hundreds of images of them, it's almost like an addiction. The Welsh woodlands are full of them at this time of year and so I spend quite a bit of time over there. The pair I photograph seem to have bred a little earlier than usual this year and the young had fledged at the beginning of June. I was hoping to get shots of the adults feeding the young away from the nest, but last weeks weather put paid to that, hopefully they won't have become too independent when I go back this week.

I'll probably do another post in a few weeks if all goes well, for now here's some of this years shots, starting of with a few of the the star of the show - the male, one of the female and then a young chick.


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swopticsphoto said...

Stunning colour, focus and composition.

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