Thursday, 10 January 2013

Sparrowhawk up Close

I have been keen to get out to my hide over the last week as there have been up to 11 Greenfinches visiting the feeders, along with the 40 plus Goldfinches. Greenfinches have been quite scarce here for some time now, with only the occasional one visiting from time to time.
A brief spell of sunshine and I set myself up to photograph them. I had only been in the hide for 5 minutes when the alarm calls of  the Blue Tits alerted me to the probability of a Sparrowhawk in the area. It then swooped down in front of the hide hoping to catch an unwary Goldfinch. Without success, it perched up next to the feeders. As I was set up to photograph small birds it was too close to fit in the frame so I made the most of a few close up head and shoulder shots.

bird, raptor, bird of prey, hawk, nature wildlife
bird, raptor, bird of prey, hawk, nature wildlife


Christian said...

Great close-ups. Not often you get that close to a Sparrowhawk.

Robin said...

Steve, what a beauty!

Annula Fotografie said...

Steve Gee what a beautiful sparrowhawk say that eyes look right through you!
regards, Annie

Janice K said...

Outstandingly beautiful....the pictures and the bird!

Allan Cook said...

Wow ...scary ..imagine one if those looking enviously at your sandwiches

dAwN said...


Steve Round. said...

Thanks very much for the comments.

Noushka said...

Absolutely superb!
The same thing happened to me recently, but the Sparrowhawk showed only his profile and for a split second, although I managed a shot of its head!
They seem to be after the Greenfinches more particularly, but a Blue tit had also a telling injury.
Congratulations Steve!

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