Friday, 15 April 2011

Spanish Insects

I have just spent eight days in Mallorca intensively photographing birds and anything else wild that appeared before the camera with my good friend Rich.
We had hoped for an assortment of migrant birds, which should have been in abundance. There were however, very few. The weather was very warm and clear so possibly the migrants were passing straight over the island. There was still plenty to photograph though and not one hours sunlight was wasted.  With many thousands of bird images to sort through, I thought I would get the few insect shots I took out of the way first. 

A couple of Dragonflies starting with a Red-veined Darter
A female Black-tailed Skimmer
A pair of mating Blue-tailed Damselflies
The impressively large Swallowtail Butterfly
It was shame this tiny Green Hairstreak Butterfly had damaged wings.


JRandSue said...

Steve these are amazing images,looks like a great place.
Must add it to our list.

Robin said...

Steve, wonderful images. That second Dragon looks like it's gold plated!

texwisgirl said...

these are beautiful! such tremendous color and clarity on such tiny things. :)

Matt Latham said...

superb stuff Steve - looking forward to seeing the images. I've just returned from Portugal for a week and very few migrants there too but quite a bit of bird photography.

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